Tummy Tucks

Want to Do a Tummy Tuck for your Jeep Wrangler? What You Need To Know.

A tummy tuck involves raising the transfer casing and skid plates of a Wrangler to increase ground clearance. In some Wrangler models, especially the TJ Rubicon model, the skid plates hang down really low. Lifting the transfer case and the low hanging stock skid plate is vital for your Jeep to avoid getting stuck and damage to the underside parts during Off-road escapades.

There are various ways you can perform a tummy tuck for your Wrangler  including:

 1-inch Body Lift

1-inch body lifts are a common way of tummy-tucking because they give the wheels a good ground clearance while maintaining a low center of gravity.  Body lifts mostly depend on how much modification you want to do on the transmission tunnel. You will need to reposition the transfer case shifter and manual tranny shifter. Luckily, most body lifts in the market come with a bracket that is helpful in realigning the T-case linkage to its proper alignment.


  • It allows for other modifications such as a high clearance gas tank skid.
  • Allows for a body lift with little or no change in the Center Of Gravity.
  • Can easily go unnoticed.
  • Easy to install provided the mount bolts are in good condition.

Motor Mount Lift (MML)

Motor Mount Lift involves lifting the Wrangler’s engine to an approved height. The lift works perfectly for Wranglers that need a high clearance transfer case skid and have a suspension lift of more than two inches. Lifting the engine will result in tilting the output shaft of the transfer case down and you will need to change the fan position and realign t-case shifter linkage.

You can decide to use spacers on your existing motor mounts or use new mounts designed to lift the motor higher than stock, which in this case you will need to decide on either rubber bushing or poly bushings. Rubber bushing reduces engine vibrations while poly bushing reduces engine movement and last longer compared to rubber bushing.

Examples of Motor Mount Lifts are; JKS spacers and Brown Dog.

Double Cardan Driveshaft

The double cardan transmits power through an angle (twice that of a single Cardan joint) and a constant rotational speed. They are usually installed when doing any skid on a Jeep that has a suspension lift of  1.5 inches and above. Therefore, for stockers who need a tummy tuck, they will have to change the stock suspension height of their Wrangler first.

Examples are include : Currie, Teraflex, and Tom Woods.


  • Provides a long lasting driveshaft.
  • Eliminate vibration issues.

Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE)

A slip yoke eliminator works by eliminating the slip yoke from the drivetrain turning it into a fixed yoke. The result is a shortened transfer case, an increased ground clearance. This is done on Wranglers with a suspension of lift of more than 1.5 inches.

An SYE kit must have the following; a splined shaft (for the u-joints), proper output shaft bearings and seals, back half of the transfer case and a speedometer drive gear.

Examples of kits available include; JB Conversions, Rubicon Express, and Advance Adapters.

Rear Upper Adjustable Control Arms

They are generally required to rotate your pinion upward. Installing these arms will require you to carry out some fine tuning to remove vibrations of the driveshaft.

Rear Lower Shock Mount Extenders

The extenders move the bottom of the shock out, therefore avoiding the shocks contact with the spring cup when the pinion angle is raised. Consider shock mount relocation that uses long travel shocks for maximum flex.

Spring Perch Modifications

Spring modification is recommended to vehicle springs that arc when the pinion is rotating, causing misalignment of the bump stops. Modifications can be done using the spring relocators. They eliminate coil binding making spring to function appropriately and at the same time give your Wrangler a lift.

Parts from Nth degree and AEV are among the best in the market.