The Jeep Wrangler’s general design has attracted many drivers and Off-roading enthusiasts globally. The Wrangler’s top adds an appealing and attractive outward appearance. Investing in a correct removable top can increase comfortability and beauty of your Wrangler.

Choosing the right top for you comes down to how you use your Jeep. Many Jeep enthusiasts and off-roaders have various different types of tops and change them by the season and occasion. Factors such as your local weather, off-roading habits and budget should be considered before choosing your next top.

The Wrangler tops are accessible in a wide range of materials and styles which are designed for particular driving activities. The main types of Jeep Wrangler tops include

  • Hard Tops
  • Soft Tops
  • Bikini Tops
  • Half Tops

This article tries to discuss this and other accessories that are used as tops. We will have an in-depth discussion on different uses for each type and try helping you choose the top that fits your Wrangler.

1.  Hard Tops

As the name suggests, hard tops are built using hard materials, therefore, making them strong and durable. Hardtops are available in 2 versions, the single body and 2-piece version. They are mostly used in cold weathers or winter season because of their excellent insulation properties.


  • It is difficult to fold them and storage becomes a problem.
  • They are heavy and bulky
  • Removing and installing the top takes some time and cannot be done by one individual.

2.  Wrangler Bikini Top

The bikini tops are specially designed for warm climates or during the summer. They are made to keep the cabin covered while the back is left exposed. They also come with zip-down windows and folding sunroofs.


  • Good for either on-road or off-road driving in the summer season or at the beach.
  • Easy to remove and install the top


  • The tops lack storage space.
  • The bikini tops offer no protection from mud splatters or flying rocks hence not ideal for rugged terrain.
  • Your friends in the back seat might not be as comfortable as you may think. The top leaves them exposed to elements.


3.  Soft Top

The soft top is certainly the most common type of top. They are made of strong and tough material that keep elements at bay. Most soft tops come equipped with storage pockets, sunroofs, skin colors, and interchangeable materials.


  • The soft top can be easily removed and installed by one person.
  • They are cheaper than hard tops.


  • At high speeds, the soft top will produce wind noise
  • They are poor in preventing cold weather as well as hard tops


Note that you need to counter check the car’s body to ensure your new top sits perfectly before replacing your Jeep Wrangler’s existing soft top. Most soft-top frameworks from the Jeep factory are different than those swapped by custom dealers. Also, check whether the  soft top has complete doors with roll-up windows, half doors with plastic windows, or sliding glass windows with half doors.


Best three Soft Tops for 2-Door Wranglers


Framed or Frameless Soft Tops

The framed Wrangler soft top consists of an aluminium frame that is used to support the soft material that covers the top of the vehicle (either cloth or vinyl). The aluminium frame is secured to the Wrangler’s roll bar utilizing anchoring points and clamps to lock it to the Jeep. There is a process that needs to be followed when removing a framed soft top.

First, you need to unzip and remove the windows, then unclamp from the point of attachment.  Lastly, lift and roll the soft top back.

Some pros and cons of the framed soft top include;



  • Offers you an assortment of options for exposure.
  • It is easy to store the top safely.
  • It offers a strong and secure method of attachment.


  • Stacking things into the cargo area is tough when the top is retracted.
  • Harder to remove or retract, particularly on 4-door models.


Frameless Kit for the Soft Top

The supporting attachment system is the main contrast between a framed and frameless soft top. The covering material in a frameless Wrangler Soft top is attached on a series of rails found on Wrangler’s roll cage.  The covering material  is attached in modular pieces independent of each other permitting for easier removal of necessary panels.


  • Replacing the panels is easy.
  • Removing either one or two panels is simpler and faster by the independent modular pieces.
  • It can be cleaned and stored easily and safely.


  • It is time-consuming especially when all panels need to be removed.
  • Guaranteeing a safe fit could be an issue.
  • Finding space to store all the panels can be an issue.


Modular Soft Tops

A modular soft top is made from strong heavy material,  retaining the versatile nature of the Soft Tops and at the same time help you tackle challenging weather conditions. They provide your Jeep improved insulation from extreme cold and rainy weather, unlike traditional soft tops.


Wrangler Sunriders and Flip Tops

Wrangle Sunriders and Flip Tops are the most flexible soft tops.  It is a must-have top for people who love a convertible lifestyle and live in an area with mild weather with sudden windy and rainy conditions. You only need to flick back the top and enjoy the sunshine during warm weather and enclose it fully during windy and rainy weather.

These tops are also mildew and stain resistant; therefore with proper cleaning and storage, they can last longer.

Wrangler Dusters

The Wrangler Dusters covers and protect the rear of your Wrangler from elements. They are designed for warm climates. They are considered as covers rather than tops. Dusters can easily be attached to the rear sports bars and thereby avoiding leakage inside the cargo space. They are mostly used by fishermen, hunters, and campers.


Wrangler Windjammers

Windjammers are considered as accessories. Windjammers are made from light material making them unable to deal with harsh weather conditions. They cover the cabin during unfavourable weather conditions, e.g., rain and wind thus protecting the cabin from dust,rain, and wind. Installing them is very easy and  only a couple of straps and buckles are required to fasten it.


Emergency Tops and  Wrangler Cab Covers

For the topless lovers you will certainly not let you keep outside to be rained on, won’t you? The Cab Covers and Emergency top protect your Jeep from pleasant weather by avoiding dew and rain to soak the interior of your Jeep. So next time you go out camping or for long distance adventure, make sure to carry with you a full kit.

Wrangler Upper Half Doors, Skins, & Hardware

The tougher the terrain you are exploring, the more protection you will need. Therefore, it is only advisable to use a full soft top in areas that experience hostile weather conditions (mountainous areas, windy and dusty areas, and during rainy seasons).

You need to change your half doors with upgraded skins and upper half doors, hardware when the weather conditions become adverse. With a wide range of the half doors and skins available in the market, you can confidently customize your Jeep to suit your adventures.