Choosing the Right Tire Size

Choosing the Correct Tire Size  for Your Jeep Wrangler

You have finally bought your dream car, but what size of tires should you get for your Wrangler? Tires are vital components of your vehicle and affect virtually everything from the engine’s performance to the gas mileage. If you choose a wrong tire based on the purpose of your Wrangler, the gas mileage combined with wear and tear of the tires will undoubtedly drain your budget. From a small 255 mm tire to the large 40” tire best for a monster truck, there is a wide variety of Jeep Wrangler tires suitable for every terrain and weather conditions.

Metric Tire Sizes

A tire’s metric size is usually indicated on the inside wall, and it’s usually written in the 255/75R17 format. The numbers (255) refers to the tire width in millimeters while the next set of numbers (75) is the sidewall aspect ratio, a percentage which relates the length and width of the sidewall of the tire in millimeters. The next part of the number system describes the tire’s internal construction. The R denotes that the tire was made using radial construction while the last two digits in the order (17) represent the tire’s rim diameter inches.

Metric to Standard Tire Calculator

Not all manufacturers would least the tires measurements in the standard system, and therefore you will have to use the metric to standard tire calculator to convert metric tire sizes(285/75R16) to standard tire sizes (31 X 10.50R15) and vice versa. It’s vital to use the metric conversion tire calculator to get the tire’s width, section height and the overall diameter of your Jeep tires before purchasing them.

Below are various tire diameters for your Jeep.

1.    33” Tires

33 inches tire offers just enough clearance for your Jeep without the need of adding any single modification. Some changes may, however, be required if you are planning to take your Jeep off-road to avoid unnecessary rubbing. The standard measurement for this tire is 33×12.50R15 12.50 being the width of the tire in inches and 15, the rim’s diameter. 33-inch tires are best for off-road trails but also performs well on the street with some good ability. It has minimal effect on gas mileage and has a prolonged tear and wear period.

Tire Diameter 33 inches
Tire Width 12.50 inches
Internal Construction Radial
Rim Diameter 15 inches


2.    35” Tires

Nothing much to say about the 35-inch tires only that they require a lift kit, either a 2.5” Lift or 3” Lift. It provides better ground clearance with an enhanced driving and handling capabilities on the road. The 35-inch allow your Jeep to have a larger footprint, thus having a stronger ability to climb larger obstacles when trail riding.

3.    37” Tires

The next level of Jeep tires is the 37-inch tires which perform excellently on both off-road and on-road. However, its massive size and weight mean that it’s largely fuel inefficient and consumes enormous power. Nevertheless, the tires performance on the road is outstanding largely recommended. You will require a 4” Lift for off-road use.

4.    38” Tires

The 38-inch tire is massive and provides an extra inch in height with a tire width of up to 14.50-inches. 38-inch tires are heavier than 37-inch tires and would require some good amount of horsepower to turn them at high speeds. These tires will virtually enable you to crawl over virtually anything mother nature has to offer.

5.    40” Tires

The 40-inch tire is the last among Jeep tires and is specially tailored for off-road trails or rock crawling. The tire’s extra height allows for easy navigation in a curvy trail and would certainly simplify steering on the sharp bends. Concerning ground clearance, you will either require at least 6” Lift or choose to go for significant body modifications, i.e. reducing the loss of sheet metal to make them fit your car. The standard measurement for the 40-inch tire is 40×13.50R17 and is usually an inch narrower than the 38-inch tire but with a couple more inches in height.