10 Cool Mods for Jeeps

10 Cool Mods That Are Great for The First Time Jeepers

You have finally obtained your desire: whether a 2-door Sports Wrangler or a 4-door Rubicon after saving for years. However, for first time Jeep owners, the excitement of owning one can soon turn into confusion especially if you are undecided on the cool things and mods you can do with your new Jeep Wrangler. For instance, you may not know the best mod should it be a 4-suspension lift, massive steel wheels, 35 off-road tires, and a 9,500 lb winch? It is confusing. Deciding on whether to modify your Jeep or to enjoy the car in its original form can be a contentious issue which can leave you frustrated and intimidated too. Nevertheless, if you have the knowledge, desire, and resources to build the next great trail-crushing Wrangler, you shouldn’t hesitate, go for it.

For first-time owners, it is crucial to take a basic off-road training class to understand the performance of the vehicle before deciding on what steps to take with your new Jeep. Before buying your new jeep, you must have had a purpose for it. For instance, you are off-road enthusiasts and could have bought the car to take off-road trips or maybe you are just a Jeep Wrangler fanatic and could have bought it for daily driving from home to work and running other errors. You should always customize your Jeep to fit your lifestyle.

Nonetheless, if you are planning modify you Jeep, below are top-10 affordable and essential mods that can fit first-time Jeep owners. Also note that if your Jeep is second-hand, it may have some of these modifications in place and you should make sure they are in good working conditions. If need be, remove and replace them with mods of your taste.

1.    Bumpers

Your new Jeep may seem to have front and rear bumpers, but they are actually plastic which may not be of the essence during a collision. Most first time Jeep owners would go for massive duty front and rear bumper as their first modifications. Bumpers are vital for preparing your Jeep for ultimate off-road adventures, expanding its capabilities and for safety during a collision. Bumpers come in different shapes, designs, and materials as listed below.

  • Stubby-a shorter bumper about grille-width in length
  • Tubular-a simple two-tube design that runs across the front, with some involving a hoop around the center for added protection
  • Modular-a stubby-type bumper that has various optional components which can customize its look to your needs.

For first-time Jeep owners, always go for bumpers that require no drilling with a robust tubular design and resistance to rust and corrosion.

2.    Entry Guards

At the moment, your new Jeep is obviously your most prized possession, and you wouldn’t want it to sustain any scuffs and scratches. Entry guards are vital in preventing unnecessary scratches on the lower door area when passengers are getting inside the car. Door entry guards are affordable and can easily be installed using 3M adhesive to attach and use aluminum, thermoplastic or stainless-steel material to protect the door’s frame against scratches and scuffs. Entry guards should definitely be on your list of mods whether your lifestyle revolves around daily driving or off-road adventures.

3.    Floor Liners

It’s important to keep your Jeep’s interior clean and free from dust as it’s like your second home anyway. Floor liners ensure that your car’s interior is spotless and fresh by protecting it from water, mud, snow, gum, grease and many others. They come in different types such as carpeted mats, rubberized slush mats, all-weather heavy-duty liners, molded polyethylene liners among others.

4.    Grab Handles

The Jeep’s top-mounted handle isn’t really feasible due to its design, and therefore you will need to install a better-type handle solution. A grab handle can be attached on the roll cage or on the pillar and can be used to enhance comfortability on a bumpy road characteristic of off-road terrain and can also be used for getting in and out of the vehicle. Grab handles come in different forms including simple nylon handles, deluxe nylon handles, heavy-duty Paracord and many others based on your taste. You can also mount your dashcam on the grab handle to get a better view of the car’s cabin while recording videos.

5.    Replacement Hood Latches

One thing you will undoubtedly notice while driving your new Jeep Wrangler is that the hood is very unstable and keeps on moving especially when you are driving at a slightly high speed. It almost seems like the hood is tearing off when you are driving on a highway. The instability of the hood at high speed is because soft, stretchy rubber has been used to latch the hood to the body and cannot sustain high speeds. While the probability of the hood flying off while driving at high speeds is extremely low, it’s quite annoying and distracting while driving. Replacement hood latches offer a solution to this enormous problem by ensuring the hood stays in place during all driving conditions thanks to its use of sturdy material. Some latches also come with lock security giving you peace of mind while driving and even after parking in an insecure location.

6.    LED Lights

Jeeps come with old-fashioned underpowered dim lights which may not function appropriately in remote locations with no street lights. Nevertheless, as a first time Jeep owner, you have an option of changing these weak factory lights to Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) which have both low and high beam headlight out best for night driving. There are two types of LEDs you can choose from reflector style and projector style housing. The key difference between the two models is how they project the light and the output pattern of light. Reflector Style LED have a clear lens and fluted reflector at the back of the housing with the LED’s centrally positioned dividing the light output into two halves. Projector Style LED, on the other hand, illuminates a distinct light output with the LED placed behind a lens which magnifies the light to produce a sharper, more focused and a more even light pattern. Depending on your budget, style and preference LED lights are a must have for Jeep off-road buffs.

7.    Recovery Gear

Regardless of whether you are planning to take off-road adventure trips with your new Jeep Wrangler or you simply need it for home-work type of driving, it crucial to upgrade the recovery capability of your vehicle. A fully equipped recovery gear can be the difference between salvaging your Jeep or losing your most prized possession. A recovery gear should not include heavy equipment such as the hydraulic winch; instead, it should consist of essential recovery products such as gloves, d-rings, or recovery straps designed to pull a vehicle when stuck in mud, sand, or snow using kinetic energy.

Other recovery products may include bumper tow hooks, First Aid kit, fire extinguisher, and a heavy-duty jack like Hi-Lift. You never know when such incidents may occur regardless of whether you are pavement driving; therefore, it’s important always to have a fully equipped recovery gear to rescue your vehicle in due time.

8.    Seat Covers

While the seats of your new Jeep Wrangler may appear attractive and durable, they may not be so as they quickly wear out within a concise time primarily because most of the times you don’t have a roof over your head to protect those seats. The seats are thus exposed to weather elements such as the sun and humidity which makes the material weak wearing out with time. It’s therefore vital for first time Jeep owners to get protective seat covers made out of neoprene, polyester, or nylon to enhance the lifespan of your Jeep’s seats. Additionally, seat covers give your vehicle a custom look and theme unique to you. Seat covers come almost all color you can think of with some even providing extra storage space inside your Jeep.

9.    Interior Security/Storage

The Jeep Wrangler other shortcoming is limited cargo space coupled with security concerns. Despite the latest model; the 4-door JK Wrangler designed to solve the problem of limited space, it’s still possible not to find the sufficient space you may need. Despite the factory console having a lock, it does less to ensure security since the screen door can easily be broken. Therefore, to enhance the safety of your Jeep interior, you would need to obtain the solid 16-gauge steel lockable consoles and place them either between the front seats, under seat, overhead, or even at the rear cargo area. These interior cargo storage options also increase Jeep’s available space by adding storage bags or packs to places such as the tailgate, roll cage, seats, or soundbar.

10.    Soft Tops

Soft tops or hard tops? This question has always been under intense debate among Jeep enthusiasts. While soft tops have been an integral part of Jeep’s brand and history, hard tops have recently caught the attention of Jeep lovers thanks to their durability, security, and quieter ride. Hard tops, however, eliminate that ‘Jeep open air’ feel characteristic of Jeep Wrangler. Nevertheless, soft tops are a must for every new Jeep owner to enjoy the open air feel of a Jeep. That the reason you bought anyway, you could have gone for any hard-top car, but you choose Jeep Wrangler instead.

Soft tops come in a wide range of shapes and sizes including full-blown replacement tops, frameless soft tops, bikini tops among many others. Soft tops such as bikini, windbreaker, and tonneau rear cover are best for summer as they open up your Jeep’s interior without necessarily leaving you totally exposed to the hot summer sun. Soft tops can easily be replaced to hard tops during harsh environmental condition, therefore, should not be a cause of concern. A soft top provides a perfect experience for first-time Jeep owners to enjoy the characteristic Jeep open-air feeling the way the design was intended.