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Jeep offroad vehicles have been around since the 1940s. Its historic creation as a military vehicle has evolved to include many different roles to fit various lifestyles. Due to this, the Jeep Wrangler is arguably the most popular offroad vehicle in the world! There is no other vehicle like it and there is no end to its customization! To learn more about the history of the iconic Jeep Wrangler, click here. 

A long generation of models include the original Willys CJ, YJ, TJ, JK and the recent JL have been keeping the Jeep Wrangler a staple of outdoor activities and fun! All of the information can be overwhelming to the new owner of a Jeep Wrangler to the veteran who has owned multiple models. We hope you can find what you need on our site! We'll provide you the information you need to make your Jeep your own! 

These are the topics you'll find on our site: 

  1. Centralized hard-to-find information 
  2. Trusted Reviews of products
  3. Tutorials and suggested upgrades


Best Upgrades for your Jeep

Let's be honest. One of the thoughts that every Jeep Owner has is 'What cool stuff can I buy for my new Jeep?' That's a great question! There is no right or wrong answer to the question- it all depends on your needs and your personality! There is a common saying among Jeepers, "No two Jeeps are exactly alike"! With the enormouns amount of upgrades and customization available, it's not difficult to see why!

There are 4 main categories of upgrades for Jeep buyers: 

  1. Performance and OEM Parts
  2. Aesthetics and Quality of Life Upgrades
  3. Protection
  4. Off Road Recovery Equipment

Some parts, such as a protective bumper with tow-rings can be counted in multiple categories, but let's keep it simple!



Performance and OEM Parts

As with any vehicle, normal wear-and-tear and routine maintenance will eventually require replacing the original factory parts on your Jeep. You should have little problems finding OEM(original equipment manufacturer) replacement parts for most newer model Jeeps. For older models, such as the Willys, OEM parts are likely to be re-manufactured or custom. 

Many aftermarket parts such as a cold air intake, a high performance exhaust system and engine tuning and yield higher than factory performance, while also increasing the enjoyment of driving your Jeep! Parts such as these require and initial investment but are all rated to increase Horsepower and Torque. 

Jeep Cold Air Intakes

Jeep Exhaust Systems

Jeep Rugged Ridge Cold Air Intake Kit For 2.4L Engine | 2003-2006 Wrangler TJ, 17750.03
Jeep Borla Exhaust Touring Rear Section Exhaust System, Stainless Steel | 2012-2017 Wrangler JK &

Aesthetics and Quality of Life Upgrades


Your Jeep is as unique as you are! Fortunately, there are endless ways to tailor your Jeep's aesthetics to your liking. A lot of add-on Jeep upgrades fill a need, but there is nothing to say that you can't have some style while being functional!

While driving off road in low light conditions, visibility control is a must. Rock Lights are equipped on Jeeps that need extra under vehicle illumination. However, due to years of Jeep enthusiasts, basic lighting was not enough! Now, you can choose to have a RGB LED controller that you can activate from your smartphone! These Rock Light Kits are entirely customizable to your preference.

One of the largest allures of a Jeep Wrangler is the ability to take off the top and "Go Topless!". However, in hot climates a sunshade can be used to protect yourself and your loved ones from UVA and UVB sunlight rays. We love the so-called 'Bikini Tops'!



RGB LED Rock Light Kits!

'Kini Tops

Jeep Oracle Bluetooth + Rf Colorshift Underbody Rock Light Kit, Set Of 8, Exterior Car Parts,
Jeep Spiderwebshade Shadetop Jl2D, Red, Exterior Car Parts | 2018 Wrangler JL, SHDTOP-01-JL2D-RED



From oil pans to seats, there is something that can protect your Jeep Wrangler. The type of protection you need depends on how you use your Jeep. Do you off road often? Then you might want to look at protective skid plates to shield important operational parts and body armor to protect the Jeep body itself.

If you have a furry friend or two that shares in your adventures, you might consider seat covers to help protect against their paws cutting holes into your seats.



Full Skid plate system

Seat Covers

Skid Row Offroad Transfer Case Skid Plate, Black, Exterior Car Parts | 1999-2006 Toyota Tundra,
Jeep Coverking Front Bucket Seat Cover Spacer Mesh Black (For Non-Folding Flat Passenger Seat),

Off Road Recovery Equipment


We're going to let you in on the biggest secret of everyone that off roads. Are you ready? Here it is: "Everybody gets stuck eventually." It's not a question of if, but when are you going to need recovery tools to free your Jeep.

The biggest bit of advice to consider is to know your Jeep and the terrain you are driving on. If you are unfamiliar with the trail you are riding it does not hurt to park your Jeep and walk the trail, even using sticks to check depth of water and mud puddles before driving over them. A Jeep is a formidable off road vehicle, but it never hurts to prepare. And who has time to get stuck? Read more here for our guide on preparing to off road by reducing air pressure in your tires for more traction and techniques that will help prevent you from being stuck in the first place. Additionally, upgraded differentials can greatly improve performance in low traction situations. Read our article here for more information.

However, when you do need recovery, there are plenty of tools to safely help yourself and others out of the predicament. We consider these items essential for proper safety during vehicle recovery:

  1. Checking equipment before use
  2. Proper tow-line technique
  3. Consciousness of the tow-line and handling
  4. Safe placement of personnel away from danger zones
  5. Environment awareness

You can learn more about proper winching/towing safety here. 

The Winch

Nothing stands out on a Jeep's front end profile than a winch! It looks sharp and is essential if you find yourself stuck. A winch can be used to tow yourself using a tree, a portable ground anchor or another vehicle. There are many types of winches available, including choice of metal or synthetic lines. Both of which have different PROs and CONs. To help with your choice of which type if best for your Jeep, click here. 

A recovery kit normally is packed for items essential to winching a vehicle, such as gloves, a line isolator, tree protector and snatch pulley. View our article on winching for more information. 




Recovery Kits

Mopar Performance Parts Rubicon Winch, P5160095AB-M
Arb Weekender Recovery Kit, ARB-RK12

Sub Models of the Jeep Wrangler


There are a different options from the factory for a Jeep Wrangler, from the dependable base model up to the legendary Rubicon. In most cases, even a base model Jeep Wrangler without the additional features from the factory can be upgraded to match or even out perform the factory Rubicons.

For instance, the Wrangler Sahara model has fenders painted to match the body color. To learn more about the idiosyncrasies of Jeep Sub Models, click here.  


Jeep Wrangler Removal Soft Tops and Hard Tops


A Jeep Wrangler without a removal top isn't a Jeep Wrangler! Their are 2 types of tops supplied from the factory, soft tops and hard tops. There are a few iterations and aftermarket suppliers of Jeep tops, but they both have their advantages and disadvantages. For a detailed write up on the differences, read our article here. 

We'll be adding guides on top storage, care and removal soon!


Ground Clearance


One of the most important things to many Jeepers is how well it stands above obstacles and stands out! Proper ground clearances is a struggle for many people new to the Jeep lifestyle.


In regards to ground clearance, tire size is easy. If the tire is larger, then there is more distance between the ground and the Jeep. However, without proper sizing and possible adjustments, large tires can rub against the inside of the fender well. Check out our guide on picking out the right tire size for your Jeep!


Tummy Tucks


The fabled tummy tuck is not to be taken lightly, it's installation and benefits are the not for the weak of resolve. A tummy tuck is a nickname given to the process of installing a high clearance skid plate to reduce the amount of 'drop' in the transfer case. This normally involves a new driveshaft, high clearance skid plate, a body lift. Read more about it here, if you dare!


Choosing tires for On/Off road


Traction is an important topic when it comes to driving. Every automobile needs proper tires to operate at peak performance. There are many different types of tires, including sand tires, snow tires, racing tires, drag strip tires, mud tires, off road tires, all terrain, tires and many more and in between. Depending on your own personal Jeep Lifestyle, choosing the correct tire is critical. Let us help you choose the correct tire type for your Jeep Adventures!